Report17 September 2018Updated 5 months ago

The Eurozone Quarterly: A late-cycle economy?

So many things seem to be playing a part in the Eurozone's growth slowdown. ING's global economists assess just where we are and where the bloc is headed in September's Eurozone Quarterly. Download the full report below. Individual articles can be found here.

Executive summary

Rising protectionist sentiment, the populist wave across Europe, a looming Brexit deadline and talks of a maturing cycle are all factors that seem to be playing a part in the slowdown of Eurozone’s growth. One could say the expansion is now in late summer: the temperature still feels nice, but we know that the best is behind us.

In this report, we look in depth at every major Eurozone country, from Germany to Greece, Finland to France. We assess the strengths, weaknesses and impending threats to the bloc's prosperity. And there's also a look at the housing situation across Europe.